Bubble Gum Gangster Association! 

Proudly Presents - Rudy Vazzelino!

If Italian men know anything; it is how to Treat a Dame! 

Down through the ages Italians have been known to be some of the most passionate and romantic men on the face of the earth. 


That is why the Bubble Gum Gangsters Association is proud to introduce our newest family member; Rudy Vazzelino.  Rudy is somewhat of a Farfallone and considered the

Capo di tutti-fruitti cappi when it comes to pickin up broads.  




If you wanna join our crew ya have to have good pick up lines for the  broads! We don't want no low life loozas in our organization who don't know how to talk to no broads.  Rudy has shared with us some of the dings that you could say to impress a broad when your trying to pick her up.  Study them and start using them and you will soon be on your way to becoming a real Rudy Vazzelino yourself! Fughedaboudit




Rudy Vazzelino's Official Top 20 Pick-Up Lines



Excuse me, you come here all the time or just often?


Hey Blondie!........... Is your name Marilyn! Monroe! 


Yo! Sweetheart!   Fughedaboudit,   your so beautiful I couldn't  believe it! 


 Is this ya first time here, or ya never been here before?... as for me, I only come here if I'm alone or wit somebody.  udda den dat I usually don't come here.


When you stand around and see a bunch of broads sittin down.  Go up to them and say something smart like: So, youz girls sittin here, or what?


When you see a hot broad say: Madone! Excuse me gorgeous, what I couldn't do wit you


 When you see a nice lookin skirt in a club you can say: So, what is a classy broad like you doin In a place like dis?....... If she gets snotty just say: YO! I was only joking!   Ya look like a real mope anyway!


Yo! Gorgeous, I was lookin at you from over there and I was thinking to myself, "ming!, what a beautiful broad.    What!  You gotta a boyfriend.........He must really be into Fat Broads cause not fa nothing but you are so fat if you put on high heels you would strike oil.


Excuse me gorgeous, ya wanna dance?.......if she says "I gotta boyfriend"  You should reply: You gotta boyfriend?  How could somebody as ugly as you have a boyfriend?


Excuse me would you like to dance?.... If she says No:  You should say: I wasn't talkin to you anyway, I was talkin to ya fat ugly friend!


 Yo! Sweetheart!,.............Yo! Gorgeous! ............Yo! Blondie!..........Whatta ya ignoring me,...... ya FREAGIN MOOSE!


So, are you stupid or am I good lookin?


Well actually now that I'm over here! MADONE!.. You got a bigga mustache den me!


Whaddaya mean ya don't wanna dance!  Last time I do you a favor ya FREAGIN MUTT!


Oh! Sweetheart!  Who's betta den you?

Things to say when da girls a freagin ugly:



Pauly' I'm trying to be a nice guy but Madone!.. look at this joint, it looks like MUTTS "R" US!


 Fuhgedaboudit! Joey, I didn't know the freagin zoo was open this late!


Ming! Antknee look at this place, a real freagin dog pound!

Things to say when da girls a hot:




Madone this place is full of gorgeous broads!  A real freagin Beauty Pageant over here Fuhgedaboudit!


Ming! Philly D.  look at dis place, a regular freagin Smorgasbord! Fuhgedaboudit!















































Eh!  Paisano! now dat you know how to treat the ladies. 

You gotta get you a new wardrobe.  You cant be dressing like a bafoon.  My cousin Ignacio owns the Bubble Gum Gangsters Clothing Store on Carmine Street.  Tell him Rudy sent you! 


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