Hire me for all ya Financial Needs (or Iíll trow u a beatin!)


Name: Big Paulie Gabagool

Company: Bubblegum Gangster Association

Title: Capo di Cash

Address: Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.  I still live wit my mudda.


Make collections for the big guy from dead beat mooks who try to skip town without payin the vig.  Administered convincing techniques that always get results.  Was the number one earner for the family 5 years in a row.  Had so slap around a few broads in the office cause they were skimming cash off the top.  Also whacked a few morons who tried to do business outside of the family.  Pulled of 16 successful jewelry heists and increased the families earnings by 60%. 

Job History:

Cabana boy at Breezy Point; Busboy at Randazzo's Clam Bar; Usher at Oriental Theater; Shampoo boy at Vito's Barber Shop; Shoeshine boy at Reese Park (for some reason I didn't make too much money on dis job?  I don't know but I dink maybe da location had sometin' to do wit it?); Coney Island Aquarium, puttin diapers on piss clams.

Poysonal Activities: 

I like to pick up hot broads, play poker, play the number, go to the track, hang out on the corner, eat meatballs and brociolle,  and smack around mamalukes.  And every once in a while whack someone just for the hell of it. 


Gagootz (Capo di Whacko)

Frankie Pinkk (Capo di Steroidz)

Philly D. (Consigliere)

Jimmy C. (Capo di Cape Cod)

Oscar Da Trader (Capo D-ceased)



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