Artist: Gagootz



(Recorded Live at Guidos Deli)




By da time we leave New Jersey we’ll be preparing

The concrete shoes will be waitin by da door

If da shoes don’t fit , it don’t really matter

Cause these shoes are one size dat fits all   (pause)   made by Paul


By da time we get to Brooklyn, Joey won’t be breathin

Three bullets already been pumped into his head

This deed we do don’t really cause us no discomfort

Even though I whacked my boyhood, lifelong friend


By da time we get to Manhattan, he’ll be stinkin

We stopped at Guidos deli to feed Fat Paul

Its been a day or so since we been drinkin

And now his blood is all upon da floor


By the time we drop da body into da river

His wife will ask “do youz guys now da score? “

She’ll cry out ; 

“Has anyone see my Joey?” ,

“Cause he ain't never, ever, been away dis long before!”


By da time da D.A knows dat he’s been missin

The limo driver will be knockin on da door

She’’ll cry to think da boys would really whack him

Cause he’s da one who done these chores before   (pause)    He’s just one more


As time goes by it’s really got me thinking,

Of all da guys I whacked along da way.

A moment of remorse has overwhelmed me

As I bow my head and pray,

I see my pay ($)

It’s just another day


For Booking Information Contact Joey The Nap.


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