Da Boys from Brooklyn are Back wid a Bang

Welcome to the Original Bubble Gum Gangster!  Website! 

Da Funniest Website in da World.

And if you don't believe me, I'll give you a crack right in ya head.





Eh, Paisano! Welcome to Bubble Gum Gangster! 

Is this the first time yiz been here?  Or have yiz been here before?

Well, it don't really matta anyways, cause your here now!  So don't bust my shoes about it, cause I'll make one phone call and you'll be dead; 

d.e.d., DEAD!.......Ya got a quarter?


Our mission at Bubble Gum Gangster!  is to....... well, actually, we ain't got no mission; but if we did it would be a good one, I can tell you that! Anyways, why am I tellin you; WHAT!......I gotta explain myself to you!. Fughedaboudit I'll trow ya a beatin!



We're just a couple of cugines from Brooklyn doing "our thing" and if you got a problem wit dat, be careful, cause ya just might catch a smack in da back of da head!  We like to hang out and do dings, like pick up broads and trow people beatins and take down scores! Other than that, we pretty much have a boring life! So that is why we decided to create Bubble Gum Gangster!  , a place where other cugines and bafoons can come and just hangout! It's like a Cyber Wise Guys Cafe! Ooh!




Oooh! Ha ya doin!  I'm Gagootz; I am now da new Boss of da

Bubble Gum Gangster Association.

(But please don't tell my mama, cause if she finds out Madone!  I'm in Big Trouble!). 


Well anyways, we are an organization for wanna be wise guys, you know; guys from Brooklyn who think they know somebody!  If you think that you would be interested in pursuing a distinctive career as a Bubble Gum Gangster and want more information about da organization, go to da room called "gomma da masticare" and begin your journey into da life of a fugazi gangster.  And if you are not interested.... ya betta watch yourself, cause you already know too much and I might have to trow ya a beatin, Fughedaboudit



ubble Gum Gangster




We are going to have many different dings for the wanna be wise guys to do and see, dis is gonna be like a wise guys supermarket! We are still under massive construction so relax or Frankie Pinkk will massively reconstruct ya face, capeesh?  So check back real soon. And remember, keep in touch with yourself and have a nice day!


And now I would like to leave you with just a few woiyds of wisdom

from to help you on this journey called life,

"When life trows you a curve ball, Smack somebody!






To begin your new life as an official Bubble Gum Gangsters just click on one of dese Gumball Machines.

gomma da masticare

(bubblegum gangsters)

casa bella



la cosa nostra

(join the family)



(rudy vazzelino)


(leave your comments)

Please don't forget to sign da guestbook or I'll give you a smack!





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m.o.b. financial

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NOTE: For all of you half retards out there who don't understand the Brooklyn Italian dialect; we have made it a little easier for you by providing you with an official copy of the Bubble Gum Gangsters Dictionary.  Whenever you see a woyd in red and underlined you can click on it and look up da woyd in da dictionary.  Capice!



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