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Frankie Pink's Weight Loss Drink

For just $129.99 plus tax you too can be transformed from a Fa-Ba into a Mean Lean Cushine Machine!

I used to be a real fat slob; den I invented da Frankie Pinkk Weight Loss Drink!

In just one day you can be transformed into a new person.  Buy my product and drink it, if you don't see results in one day, send another $129.99 and I will send you another bottle of Frankie Pinkk's Weight Loss Drink.  If dat don't work, den buy a 30 day supply.  If after 30 days you don't see any results, I suggest you get off ya fat butt and join da gym!




To order Frankie Pinkk's Weight loss Drink Please call 1-800-I-AM-HUGE

Our Friendly Operator (Paulie Gabagool) Will Gladly Take your Order

What!  Ya wanna a refund?  What are you a retart?

Hows bout I come over there and trow u a beatin!



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After just 30 Days these people experienced Amazing Results; Fughedaboudit!

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