Eh, Paisano!  My name is Carmine "Mad Dog" Cabadosta.  As of this very moment I am the Former Capo di tutti capi of The Cabadosta Family.    I am now officially retired.  And believe me, it ain't gonna be like one of those freagin Al Pacino movies "every time I try to get out; They pull me back in".  I'm Through!  Finito! 


The Cabadosta Family is officially going out of business! I am packin my  bags and skippin town.  Da Feds are after me and I ain't doin no time in the slammer.  Me and my pal Bootsie here are headed for Florida.  I have given the family business over to a close family associate Fat Sal Maroni.  But we just found out that he was a stinking rat and was woykin for da Feds.  So I Whacked him.  I dink it was a good ding for him anyways cause Madone!  he got so fat he looked like a beached whale.  Whatta ya mean you don't believe me....I swear to you, he was a fat slop....(he shoulda used Frankie Pinkk's Weight loss Drink) look for yourself!  Fat Sal. (click Here)


Anyways, I have now given the family business over to Fat Sal's under boss; Gagootz.


Gagootz is now the Capo di tutti capi of the Newly Organized Bubble Gum Gangster Association.  He will be taking over all the business in the 5 Boros, and anywhere else he wants to go.  


All right enough talkin now;  ya given me agida. 

Now get da heck atta here and go meet the new family. 


I gotta train to catch. 


Arrivederci, Have a Hershey,  Ciao! 


Oh! nitwit!  click on da gumball machine already would ya!



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