La Cosa Nostra

My name is Frankie "Meat Hooks" Lombardi.    Um the capo of the 18th Avenue Crew for the Bubble Gum Gangsters Association.  Gagootz is looking to expand the Family Business throughout da boro of Brooklyn and has decided to open the books.  He aksed me to oversee the initiation process.  We are looking for a few big earners who think they got what it takes to become an authentic Bubble Gum Gangster.  

Fill out the application below and one of my associates will pay you a visit.  And remember; ya get what ya get, when ya do what ya do!  capice?

Before you decide to join our crew ya gotta know the language.  Take some time and study da Bubble Gum Gangster's Dictionary and become familiar with the lingo so that you don't come off sounding like a real gavone!


Bubble Gum Gangsters Dictionary


Crew Application

Whachya name?

Are ya from da neighborhood?

Whachya e-mail address?

What kinda experience you got?

Check appropriate boxes:

Moyder (Whack Somebody)
  Loan Shark  Card Shark   Kidnapping  Extortion

Smakin old ladies
Smakin Girl Scouts  Smakin Mamalukes Smakin Frankie Pinkk 

Trowin Beatins
  Trowin Dings  Crakin Heads  Gun Runner  Marathon Runner

Road Runner (beep! beep!)
 Car thief  Bubblegum Thief   Jewel Thief

Makin Cement Shoes
  Makin Bombs  Makin Whoppi Makin Braiccole

Makin Pasta Fagioli
Makin out Makin me Crazy


Check da boxes of the people you know:


Ya know any wiseguys?       Yes     No, All my friends are stupid!

Ya know Da Godfather? (Or did ya just see da movie)?    Know Him
Saw da Movie


Frankie Pinkk  


Joey "The Wizard"


Joey Linguine

The Curran Brothers

Carmine "Da Big Ragu"

Philly D

Rudy Vazzelino

One eye Ray

Fat Sal

Other Mamaluke



Entry Exam: In order to join you must get at least 4 questions right:

Match the sayings wit da movies listed below:  This is extremely tough so take your time and think about your answer real carefully.


1. I coulda been somebody, I coulda been a contenda!

A. Judy Garland - Wizard of Oz  

B. Marlon Brando - On the Water Front  

C. Sandy Duncan - Peter Pan


2. Yo! Adrian, I did it!

A. Henry Fonda - On Golden Pond   

B. Syl Stalone - Rocky  

C. Pee Wee Herman - Big Adventure

3. They took my thumb Charlie! They took my thumb! Bed Bug Eddy! took my thumb!

A. Matty 9  - Bubblegum Gangster

B. Lynus - Charlie Brown

C. Eric Roberts - The Pope of Greenwich Village 


4. Donny! Would ya close the freagin window! Whata Ya tryin to kill me wit da draft!

A. Marie Osmond - The Osmonds

B. Al Pacino - Donny Brasco

C. Bob - Sponge Bob Square Pants.


5. I'm not a freagin looza, I'M NOT A LOOZA!!!

A. Danny Aiello - 29th Street

B. Felix Unger - The Odd Couple

C. Alice - The Brady Bunch.


6. Don't overcook it. You overcook it, it's no good. It defeats its own purpose.

A. Julie Andrews - Mary Poppins

B. Robert DeNiro - Raging Bull

C. Sally Fields - The Flying Nun


7. I'm funny how? I mean, funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh?

A. Merrill Streep - The Devil Wears Prada

B.Joe Pesci - Goodfellas

C. Pedro - Napoleon Dynamite



Have ya ever been to da big house!    Yes No

If Yes, Which One:



What crime were you convicted of?



How did ya hear about our freagin web site?


We will reveiw your application and take a vote to let you know if you got what it takes to become a wise guy! We will answer you via E-mail! so ya betta leave your E-mail address or ya gonna catch a smack! DANKS ALOT!


Ya got any ding else to say?  (write ya freagin congressman, cause maybe he cares, ya moron)




gomma da masticare

(bubblegum gangsters)

casa bella



la cosa nostra

(join the family)



(rudy vazzelino)


(leave your comments)

Please don't forget to sign da guestbook or I'll give you a smack!





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m.o.b. financial

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Ooh!  Moron, contact me at: billygagootz